TV Box Buyers’ Guide
android tv box buyers guide

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I remember when one of my friends told me he uses an Android TV box in his house instead of the normal decoders (DSTV, StarTimes, Kwese TV, GOTV etc.) people use. I was at a loss because I didn’t know what an Android TV box was then.

I later discovered that, an Android TV Box is simply a TV box running the android operating system (OS). This is the same operating system that our smartphones and tablets run on.

It is categorized under TV Boxes, which is one out of the many “TV streaming devices” out there. Some examples of TV streaming devices are; Roku or Apple TV, TV Box, IPTV Box, HTPC, Kodi Box etc.

Android TV Box In Nigeria

Android TV boxes are not very common in Nigerian homes, very few people even know about them. This is majorly due to the high cost or the erratic nature of the internet access within Nigeria.

With an Android TV Box you can watch virtually anything. Be it soccer, movies, Tv show, music videos, animal shows, etc. You can watch anything

How Does An Android TV Box Work?

An Android TV Box is just a TV box that runs the android OS. If you know how to use your android tablet or smartphone, you will be able to operate an Android TV box. How it works is that it gets contents from your internet to your television. It will turn your TV into an android powered smart TV.

There are so many brands that produce a TV box that run the android OS. It is just like our smartphones, we have the Tecno brand, Samsung, Infinix, etc. All of them use an Android OS.

Factor To Consider When Choosing an Android TV box

Before you bought your smartphone, you considered so many factors. You considered the battery life span, the camera, the memory space and probably the RAM/ processor. The same thing should be done before buying your first TV box.

The Processor: This is just like your smartphone processor, it determines the speed and how smooth your device will run. The higher the processor, the faster and smoother your devices will run. It is advisable to go for a TV Box with a Octa-Core (8-Core) Processor. Quad Core (4 -core) processors are not bad, but octa-core is better.
The RAM and the memory space (ROM): Just like a smartphone, a TV box with a higher RAM will function faster than one with a lower RAM. The memory space should be considered also for storage of apps and other files.
Other factors: Other factors to consider include; the Android operating version,(Android TV boxes normally come with a lower android version) Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB slots, Supported Video formats and so on.

Top Brands of Android TV Boxes

Some good brands of Android TV boxes are; MQX Pro, X96 mini, A95X, MX pro TX3 Max, TX9 Pro

Where Can I Get an Android TV Box in Nigeria?

They are available in top Telecommunication outlets all over the country. But if you are struggling to find one or you just want to order it online, It is available on Jumia, Konga.
Another good to buy online is TVBox Store ( They are the number one retailer of Smart TV Boxes & Accessories in Nigeria. They also offer great discounts.

How Much Does It Cost?

Initial cost: A complete android TV box with Remote Control, Power Adapter cost between N11,000 – N37,000. The price depends on the brand and the specifications.

Running Cost: After buying and installing your TV box, the only thing you will need to be subscribing for, is your internet service. This depends on the internet service provider you are using. For a smooth running and usage, I will advise that you subscribe to a 4G LTE internet service or a Wifi. E.g, Smile, Spectranet.

If you are financially buoyant you could install a Fiber Optics Network Cable and enjoy, unlimited and faster internet speed for a fixed price per month.

Requirements/Setup Of An Android TV

In order enjoy your android TV box to the maximum, you will need to have the following

A television
The Android TV box itself
A fast and reliable internet connection.
NOTE: It doesn’t require a dish like cable decoders

Once you have all that, then you connect your TV box to your TV as instructed in the manual. Automatically your TV becomes a smart TV. Then you can download any streaming app of your choice and watch your favorite TV shows over an internet connection.

I am not yet using an android TV box, but if you are using one, I would like to hear from you. Tell me what you think, is i worth it? Drop your comments below.

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  1. John Jang Reply

    TV box is a great modern setup box that allows you stream channels you like that are available online. The only snag about it is the high consumption of data. This will limit the streaming unless you are cash loaded to afford the high data. Other than that, it is a good piece of equipment to have in the house as it converts your Plasma or LCD TV into a Smart Television.
    What I like most about the TV box is the voice command via the remote. It’s thrilling.

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