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android tv box Setup Guides

Setting up your Android Box

Thank you for your recent purchase, this page will help get your Android TV box up and ruining in no time. Before using your new Android Smart TV Box please review these instructions carefully.


Connecting your Android Smart TV Box

1. Open the box, take out the device and connect it as follows

2. Connect the power supply provided to the Android Smart TV Box power slot

3. Connect the box with the HDMI cable provided to your TV

4. If your router and TV are close together you can connect your box to your broadband router using an Ethernet cable.


Remote Controls/keyboard

Remote (Included with Box)

– If using the remote which comes with the device make sure it has the batteries inserted.

– The remote which comes with the device will connect automatically.


Wireless Keyboard (extra add-on)

– The wireless keyboard remotes have rechargeable batteries already inserted.

– You will need to insert the small dongle provided into one of the USB slots in the box.

– Turn the keyboard using a small slider button on top of keyboard. A light will then show on the keyboard.


Power Up

The device will turn ON as soon as connected to power, or press the power button on the REMOTE Controller.

1. This will take about 30 seconds to load.

2. The new box will now be visible via the TV remote source button (HMDI 1/2/3/4) or AV


Box Set up step by step

It is best to ask in store for guidance for your specific Android TV box (these change regularly)

These generic steps may be useful

A menu may show with Welcome

1. Click next to Settings

2. Settings > Display

Adjust screen size with up or down arrow 89%-92% of best for most TV’s click next

3. Settings > Network

Choose WiFi or Ethernet click WiFi and enter your password OR click Ethernet if you have connected using an Ethernet cable

4. Select Kodi from the Home Screen


Starting Out – tips

To get the most from your experience with an Android Smart TV Device we would recommended taking time to learn about Kodi & Android.


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Best for KODI

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